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gwabbit Enterprise Server™

High-Volume  |  Fully Automatic  |  Email Contact Capture

A CRM without contacts...

A CRM without current contacts is like plumbing without a fresh water supply.

gwabbit Enterprise Server is the world’s first fully-automatic enterprise-scale email signature contact capture engine. gwabbit Enterprise Server turbocharges your CRM by automatically driving high volumes of fresh, accurate contact data into the CRM. This powerful combination enables enterprises to significantly increase the scope and efficacy of their sales and business development initiatives.

gES = contacts. Lots of contacts

When used in concert with our gwabbit Contact Management Console (gCMC), your enterprise can harvest and DQM thousands of fresh, high-value contacts, enhance them with social network data, and generate reports on key value metrics.

Traditional contact sourcing from user address books is incomplete, and continuously out-of-date. gwabbit Enterprise Server goes beyond traditional syncs with user address book entries by automatically capturing email signature line contacts – the most current contacts available.

How many contacts? In a recent benchmark test with a leading law firm, gwabbit Enterprise Server captured 1,200 contacts – in two minutes!

How does gES work?

gwabbit Enterprise Server resides behind the enterprise firewall. It is designed to be easily scalable and completely secured.

gwabbit Enterprise Server automatically scans incoming emails,
finds contacts, and saves them to your enterprise CRM


The main component of gES is the gwabbit server, which receives incoming emails for processing, and outputs the results of the gwabbit processing into a destination file or database. Email is routed to gES via an IIS Virtual SMTP Gateway

Minimum System requirements


  • Java runtime (Windows) 1.60_21 build 7 (note: version 1.60_29 has an issue with DB connectivity)
  • IIS Virtual SMTP Server v.6.0 or above
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 (x64) or above


2.5 GHz dual core or better (can be a VM instance); 6GB RAM minimum; 10GB free space; mirrored 15K rpm, Serial Attached SCSI disks or equivalent. Redundancy is recommended.

For more information on gwabbit Enterprise Server, please contact us at sales@gwabbit.com