Why do more AmLaw 100 firms use gwabbit than all other ERM/DQMs combined?

It’s hard to do what we do for a living. Don’t take our word for it. Check our competitors’ references. Check ours too. Compare notes.

How many competitive systems have been in full production for a year or more processing tens of millions of emails from hundreds of attorneys?

Answer: not many.

gwabbit is a proven, ready-for-prime-time, industrial-strength ERM/DQM solution. It’s ready, today, to deliver more and better contact and relationship data to propel your firm higher in the AmLaw 100. gwabbit is serious. So are our clients.

Key distinctions

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gwabbit is the world's only ERM/DQM solution that automatically enhances contact records with LinkedIn for report and data quality management. LinkedIn profile links are presented in gwabbit native reports, inserted into CRM records, and used to help solve the “John Smith” problem – connecting the dots between old and new contacts with common names. No other ERM/DQM solution offers this capability.  

ERM report options

gwabbit ERM 4.0 offers heat map, aggregate trend, and hyperbolic displays in addition to traditional contact and colleague contact and relationship lists. Search and refine by company, industry, geo/proximity, relationship strength, job title, and more, then export to Excel workbooks.


CRM compatibility

The industry is changing. New CRMs are replacing old ones.

gwabbit is the only ERM/DQM solution that is compatible with all major CRMs. The gwabbit experience is identical, regardless of which CRM it is synced with.

No MS Exchange Brownouts

No one celebrates when an email is successfully delivered, though it's a very different story when email doesn't arrive.

Unlike other solutions, gwabbit does not require a full-up Exchange journaling setup with mailboxes and associated CPU and memory requirements. gwabbit can scale, now, without adding expensive resource and risk to your Exchange environment.

Recognition and change management accuracy

Signature scraping is hard to do. gwabbit has been doing it longer than all of its competitors combined. Additionally, gwabbit’s unique ability to use LinkedIn for contact change management, enables it to identify and update far more contacts than with traditional methods.


Data cleansing without magic data sources

One newcomer to the ERM/DQM space claims to update your out-of-date CRM contacts by comparing your contacts against unnamed data sources (Data.com).

Here’s the problem with Data.com: it suffers from the same problem it’s trying to solve. Data.com’s database is sourced with contacts from individual address books – just like your own CRM! The claim is that Data.com somehow magically cleans up all those out-of-date (40%) address book contacts

(it doesn’t).

If there really were a magical data source that would cleanse your CRM like presto, don’t you think everyone would be using it?

Data.com isn’t really a CRM data-cleansing tool – it’s a sales and marketing lead source. The world’s leading firms have relied on gwabbit signature scraping for years to source optimal data to their CRMs. Why? Because no one sends emails with out-of-date signatures. Signatures captured by gwabbit are current as of the moment email senders hits the Send button. That’s why gwabbit is the world’s leading ERM/DQM, used by the world’s most prestigious firms and emulated by the world’s largest legal solution providers.


Time is money.

In our “World’s Fastest Data Steward” webinar, Ice Miller’s Mercedes Potter was clocked processing InterAction contact updates with gwabbit at 540 contacts per hour – 35x faster than InterAction DCM!

The most important distinction...

Case studies. Testimonials. Success stories. More AmLaw 100 firms use gwabbit than all other ERM/DQMs combined. Check our references. Check our competitors'. Compare notes.