gwabbit is the world's only ERM that syncs with all major industry CRMs


Why is CRM agnosticity important?

There's churn in the CRM market. Old CRMs are being replaced with new ones.

The gwabbit user experience is identical, regardless of which CRM it's synced with. We simply unplug gwabbit from the old CRM and point it at the new one.

gwabbit syncs seamlessly with InterAction, OnePlace, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, ContactEase and more. Our syncs with target CRMs perform the following functions:

  • Signature contact comparison and change management: gwabbit compares contacts against the synced and applies its change management technology to determine whether email signature contacts found by gwabbit are new to the CRM or updates to existing contacts
  • Pull CRM contacts into gwabbit DQM: gwabbit pulls older contacts into its DQM console to compare side-by-side with update candidates, highlighting contact fields that have changed.
  • Add and update CRM contacts: gwabbit pushes new and updated contact data into the CRM.
  • Add and update relationship data: as gwabbit identifies and updates relationships and their strength scores in its ERM, it also pushes these scores into the CRM.
  • CRM record augmentation: gwabbit can add LinkedIn profile links, signature blocks and more to the CRM contact record