gwabbit Data Quality Management.

(Much) more and better contact and relationship data for your CRM

The problem with CRMs

CRM contact data is sourced from individual address books.

The problem? No one uses their address books. When someone needs a contact, they search their email inbox for the email that contains the contact they need, then they never bother to save that contact in their address book.

The result? 40% of CRM contacts are out-of-date and fully half of high-value contacts are missing from the CRM.

If you believe contacts = money, then this means your CRM is missing 250% of its potential.

If you don't believe contacts = money, then why invest in a CRM in the first place?

Scope of the problem

For a 1000 professional firm, if only 1% of those 40% out-of-date and 50% missing contacts yielded only $10K annually, that translates into $51M in lost revenue and associated market share each year.

gwabbit DQM: the key to high-performance data quality management...

Fully or semi-automatic CRM data quality management

gwabbit captures email signatures and compares them against CRM contacts to find missing and out-of-date data. gwabbit combines the industry's leading contact scraping recognition accuracy with LinkedIn-assisted change management technology to solve the "John Smith" problem: two contacts with the same name and different information: are they the same person, or are they two different people?

gwabbit offers a variety of configuration options, including fully and semi-automatic settings.

world's fastest data steward.jpg

gwabbit is the world's fastest CRM data quality management solution -- up to 35x faster than its closest competitor

In our recent "World's Fastest Data Steward" webinar, Ice Miller's Mercedes Potter was clocked processing InterAction contact updates at a rate of 540 contacts per hour using gwabbit DQM -- 35 times faster than traditional CRM methods. Read Ice Miller's case study here.

Crowdsourced alternatives to traditional data quality management

gwabbit's optional Outlook plug-in offers a crowdsourced alternative to traditional data steward CRM data cleansing models, enabling attorneys or assistants to add and update contacts to their Outlook address books while simultaneously sourcing new and updated contact and relationship data to enterprise CRM and gwabbit ERM.