gwabbit ERM.

Answering the question: "Who do we know at ______?"

Who do we know?
How well do we know them?
How are we doing?

gwabbit automatically identifies high-value contacts and relationships from email traffic, and organizes and presents it in a variety of ways, including lists, heat maps, Sankey diagrams, and email activity trends.

search by company, industry codes, and more

gwabbit ERM enables users to search by company name, domain, email address, individual name, industry codes, geo, or practice group. Attorney lists with associated practice groups may be loaded into gwabbit to enable practice group searches.

gwabbit responds to queries with a list of found contacts matching the search criteria, along with a list of colleagues that know the contacts. Relationship strength is gauged on a 0-5 scale.

Heat map display option

gwabbit ERM offers a variety of content display options, including heat maps

sankey display

gwabbit's ERM's Sankey display enables users to rapidly identify the people who seem to know everyone.

Activity trend display

Email activity = money. gwabbit email activity trend display enables users to track email activity for one or more clients, contacts, industries, or practice groups over a 3, 6, or 12 month period. Identifying downward trends enables users to take action, whether it be a lunch appointment, or a catch-up call.

Report filters

gwabbit ERM offers a variety of filers to enable the user to rapidly focus query results on the precise content needed. Users may filter by relationship strength, job title level, geo, industry codes, and company names.

Excel export options

gwabbit ERM reports are exported into an Excel workbook with multiple worksheet tabs for email address lists, physical mail lists, heat maps, know-knows-whom reports, and detail with all available information on contacts, including LinkedIn profile links, CRM ID record numbers and industry codes.