Inspired by an actual law firm best practice, the industry's latest generation list manager replaces stale, bloated volumes with compact, streamlined lists that optimize attorney response rates, boosting the quantity and quality of event attendance.

  Download Allen Matkins' list management best practice case study.

Download Allen Matkins' list management best practice case study.

Inspired by a new industry best practice -- invented by a law firm

As is the case with most major law firms, Allen Matkins’ CRM event mailing lists were too big and too stale. Attorneys resisted committing the time needed to review sponsorship lists before event mailers. The result: sub-optimal attendance with fewer decision makers present at Allen Matkins events.

The firm tried a variety of solutions to engage their attorneys and create more potent mailing lists – without success.

  Download our new List Manager collateral and find out how you can build and optimize lists to boost attorney response and event attendance.

Download our new List Manager collateral and find out how you can build and optimize lists to boost attorney response and event attendance.

Then one day, Helen Rizzo, Allen Matkins’ Marketing Technology Administrator, had a brainstorm: cross-reference their CRM sponsorship lists with gwabbit ERM reports. She applied gwabbit ERM filters to focus on contacts with high relationship scores, then used the resulting gwabbit list to pare down and optimize the firm’s CRM sponsorship lists.

The results?

  • Lists were compacted by 75%
  • Attorney vetting jumped to 78%
  • Event attendance jumped by 20%
  • Percentage of event decision-makers: 83%

Overnight, Allen Matkins changed the industry with a powerful new best practice. We've taken that best practice and turned it into the industry's most effective list manager:

List Manager  - add attorneys.jpg

Step 1: create a list

Start by either selecting an existing CRM or gwabbit list or create a new one from scratch. To create a new list, simply name it and drag and drop the attorneys whose contacts you want to include into the list


Step 2: turbo charge your list

Here's where you transform your list into a powerful marketing machine. Filter your contacts by relationship strength, job title, date of last contact, industry, company or geography to streamline your list into the most relevant contacts that boost the odds of being vetted by your attorneys and getting a response from your targets.


Step 3: vet your list

Now send your list to attorneys or assistants for vetting. Here's how:

Select attorneys. Click "send"

That's pretty much it. Select the attorneys (or proxies) you wish to vet your list and click "Send." There's an option to resend the list to those that didn't respond to your first mailer, just in case some of your attorneys need a reminder.

List alert

Your attorneys and assistants receive an alert. They can either click on the embedded link to view and vet the list or, alternatively, they can open the attached Excel spreadsheet.

List Manager  - List review - mouseover.jpg

List review

When your attorneys click the alert link, they see the list, populated with their contacts. If you want, you can send multiple lists for your attorneys to vet at the same time. Your attorneys or assistants can deselect the contacts they wish to remove from the list. They can also strike contacts from your CRM as well.

List Manager  - List review - edit.jpg

Edit contacts (optional)

Users with edit privileges can edit contacts, if needed. Edits update both gwabbit ERM as well as your CRM.


Sync to CRM. Export.

gwabbit syncs contacts with existing CRM lists. For sponsorship lists, when an attorney removes their sponsorship from a contact in List Manager, the corresponding sponsorship in the CRM list is also removed.

Alternatively, lists may be exported in Excel.