gwabbit Rainmaker Alert.

An elegant way to make the rain fall.


gwabbit Rainmaker Alert reminds attorneys of important contacts they know well that they haven’t spoken with in a while. Emails include a link to launch a “check in” email.

gwabbit’s latest big idea: an email that makes rain!

Many firms bought CRM seats for their attorneys in the hopes that those seats would turn non-rainmakers into rainmakers.

That hasn’t worked out so well.

gwabbit came up with a simple idea: simply remind attorneys about important contacts they know well that they haven’t spoken with in a while.

Include a link to launch an email: “How’s it going?” “Want to have lunch?” Etc.
That’s it.

In sales, simply showing up is half the battle.
Your attorneys may not all be sales people, but we make it super easy for them to pretend.

What if Rainmaker moves the needle only 5% at your firm?
What about 10%?

gwabbit Alerts are easy to administer. Distribution list may be selected, along with minimum relationship, contact age, and job title level triggers


Easy alert administration

Rainmaker Alert is easy to manage. Select the distribution list, along with alert triggers, including minimum/maximum contact age, minimum relationship score, and minimum job title level.

rainmaker alert — now included as part of gwabbit alerts suite

Rainmaker Alert is now part of the gwabbit suite of Alert products, including gwabbit’s original address book contact update alert that automatically notifies attorneys or assistants of new and updated contacts that gwabbit has found in email. the address update alert includes a vCard that enables an attorney or assistant to add or update a contact to an attorney’s address book with one click!