The gwabbit suite of solutions transforms enterprise contact and relationship management to propel the firm forward in revenue and market share.

ERM: Enterprise relationship management

gwabbit ERM answers the question: "Who do we know at _______?" gwabbit ERM automatically identifies and scores contacts and relationships and offers a variety of options to organize and present data. 


DQM: Data quality management

40% of CRM contacts are out-of-date. 50% of high-value contacts are missing altogether.
DQM = more and better CRM data to put to work growing revenue and market share.
gwabbit DQM sources new and updated CRM contacts at up to 35x the rate of the nearest competitor.


gwabbit alerts

gwabbit Alerts notifies attorneys and assistants of new and updated contacts it has found, enabling vCard address book updates with one click. gwabbit Alerts also offers dashboard views to email activity trends between the firm and key clients.

gwabbit Outlook

gwabbit Outlook alerts when it finds email signature contacts that are new or updates to the user's address book, simultaneously updating address books, CRM, and ERM reports with one click.

gwabbit Dashboard

Email activity = billable hours. gwabbit Dashboard tracks and reports email activity trends for key clients, industries, people, and practice groups.